So i post on this site, x-realms.net and the guys there are really cool. It's a sci-fi movie film fan site with news and boards. Anyways, the boyz there are really cool and have been supportive and excited about this project as I've shared news with them. One guy Mitch just asked me for some details about the process and I thought i'd just repost my answers to him here for you folks! check it out!

Q: Will this be listed on the IMDb.com ?

A: I definitely plan on having the film and myself listed on IMDB.com...It's actually on my lengthy To Do List for after principle photography. I don't know any of the specifics of getting on the site, but imagine it shouldn't be too difficult, right?

Q: What are some of the benefits to potential investors?

I believe that the benefits for an investor of this film lie in two areas: 1) If the investor is considering getting into the film business as a producer, working with an independent short film will give them exposure to the business and process of making a film while limiting their financial commitment. Some feature films will only accept investors of a certain size- like 20% of the overall cost for example- to limit the number of financers they have to answer to. Investing in a small film gives you a sample of what it is like. 2) I think that there is an advantage to investors to build a relationship with a film maker early in the director's career. Relationships between directors and executive producers are like all relationships in that they are built on trust. When budgets and projects are smaller, so are egos and the temptation to mislead. This is good time to build a relationship where all parties can focus on what they love- creating and telling stories.

Q: Any advice for actors when it comes to auditions?

A: So glad you asked!! When a casting director (or in my poor case, director) posts an ad for auditions, their inbox and mailbox can be flooded with hundreds upon hundreds of submissions. In my case I posted online at a couple different sites and got the majority of my submissions via email. The advice I can give is about organizing your email so that it will have the highest chance of being seen.

1) Your headshot photo file and resume file should both be named with your first and last name. Don't send files named, "summer blond hair." That might remind you that the headshot was taken last summer when you had your hair dyed blond, but when it's in my Casting directory, I'll have no idea who you are.

Q: Are you shooting digital or film? And, if digital, are you shooting HD? How did you come to your final decision on shooting format?

A: We'll be shooting on miniDV. The initial reason was simply because I own 2 miniDV cameras and wanted to spend the budget on other things! I own a Sony TRV-900 and Canon XL-1. Since that decision though, I've read about the film, Broken, (www.whatisbroken.com) and seen what they've done with miniDV and it looks amazing!! That totally reinforced my decision to shoot on miniDV. I am curious about HD and want to eventually try it out, but HD's not going anywhere so I'll wait it out a bit...plus there are hardware considerations for HD in terms of my editing/fx studio and really don't have the time to see what upgrades I may need to take. So that's it! Btw, if anyone knows any good sites about tips and stuff when shooting with miniDV, send them over!!!

Q: Where are you shooting this film?

A: The film will be shot in the NY/NJ area. We will be shooting on location as well as in a greenscreen studio (see locations!).

Q: What do you hope to get out of making the film?

A: To tell an awesome story!! But you that's not all you meant, right?...This is going to be a 30 minute film which I believe is a stepping stone for me to taking on a feature length 1.5+ hour film...And I mean that in several respects.

Creatively: As a storyteller, I'm hoping this film will help me refine my grasp of story pacing and character development. I started out making 1 minute stories, from there it went to 3-5 minutes. This is my longest film.

Logistical: Film making requires an enormous level of organization and planning..I'm afraid I'd be overwhelmed if I took on a full length feature straight away!

Budgets: Before they trust you with $50 million, you gotta prove you can use $5 million effectively...before $5 million, you gotta use $1 million...follow that all the way down to this film which will total roughly $20,000. So if the film's overall quality is great for $20K, then hopefully the next project will be larger. Also, this is a self-funded project. To potential investors, that shows that you've got faith in your abilities...

Who Am I and why in the world...
...am i doing this?? I ask myself this all the freaking time but the conclusion is always the same- I don't know why, all I know is that I just must, must, must make this film...

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