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So for the past month, I've been working to get the final sound design completed. I met with Rob last week to review progress and to see how the sound designs been shaping up. So far so good! Rob's come up with some unique sounds for each soldier's machine guns, he's added some awesome splatter sounds for when bodies get shot, there's a great ripping sound now when appendages get torn off, and my beloved Multibodies now have their own droid whine when they fly by!!

It's been so much fun to watch certain scenes with soundfx now that I was literally laughing and screaming throughout the film as Rob previewed it for me! At the current state, the audio hasn't been mixed yet (that'll happen later), so all the fx noises are at max volume so Rob can hear them clearly when he creates them. So when I watch it now everything obviously sounds over-exaggerated. Like when someone get's punched the noise is so loud it reminds me of a saturday morning kung fu movie! Of course that'll be toned down in the final mix, but it got me thinking about certain scenes...Like when all the soldiers are firing gratuitously, the overly loud muzzle blasts actually added a level of exaggeration i kinda liked!! We'll see how it plays out...

For now, Rob continues on with dialogue level mixing and more sound effects creation. I've set him up with an FTP site where he can upload his newest work for me. I then download it, slap it onto my film in Premiere, and review the work for approval and notes. It's much of the same way I collaborated with Chris on the soundtrack. Incidentally, up until this week, Rob was working with a version of the film without any musical score (makes sense). So when I gave him the final score for mixing, it was nice to see how happy he was with it's quality, personality, and the new dimension it brings to the film.

I'm still trying to avoid a Foley session where we bring in a Foley artist, rent a studio, and spend a day or two recording sound for foot steps, gear rustling, and other things that are better tailored by a sound artist than retrieved from a sound library. Rob thinks the musical score may be enough to get the audience thru the otherwise silent parts, which is good cuz i don't really have the budget for a Foley session...

Hope all is well out there! laters, MC

is the film done yet????


Who Am I and why in the world... i doing this?? I ask myself this all the freaking time but the conclusion is always the same- I don't know why, all I know is that I just must, must, must make this film...

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